One bio link to generate free leads.
Made for real estate agents.

YOUR leads. NOT a 3rd party's.

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Made for real estate agents


Your Zenlink is not tied to a brokerage, Zillow or any lead generation platform. It follows you as you change jobs. Leads are YOURS and free. We don't use or sell them. EVER.


Unlike other popular bio links, Zenlink is highly SEO optimized. When your name is googled, stand out and compete with Zillow, and others.

and open houses

Thanks to integrations with the MLS and more, Zenlink can showcase your listings, pull open houses and more...with one click!

Google reviews
and more

Social proof is key for real estate agents so Zenlink integrates with Google reviews. You can also showcase your real estate talent through videos and more

Frequently asked questions
How is Zenlink different from other similar products?

All other bio link products are generic. Zenlink was built for real estate agents and therefore can pull listings, open houses and more. Also, Zenlink was built with lead generation in mind and is optimized to capture traffic when clients google your name.

What type of sections can I add?

You can add any link to existing content you have, add a bio, an interactive map with listings, a showcase of hand-picked listings, Google reviews, your agent statistics and more.

Do I have to be a real estate agent to use Zenlink?

Yes. We verify your identity in real-time to ensure Zenlinks are authentic and your right to access the data.

You don't sell my leads but how does Zenlink make money?

Unlike Zillow or other third parties, we are not in the business of selling client leads . We don't use the leads you generate and don't sell them. EVER. 
Zenlist - the technology company behind Zenlink - is in the business of providing an exclusive agent to client home collaboration platform. Zenlist makes money  from this collaboration platform and charges agents and brokerage a monthly subscription fee for using it.